Hotspot: Naais Time

Despite Genk being not that far from Sint-Truiden, where I live, I don’t really visit the city often. However, for this hotspot I love to make the extra mile! Naais Time is so much more than just a cute coffee spot in the city centre: it’s a place where you can live out your creative dreams. Let Fatima, the lovely owner of Naais Time, surprise you with a delicious drink or some fresh baked goods and you’ ll find it hard to drag yourself away from this cosy hotspot.


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Life: Diego’s First adoption anniversary

PARTY TIMEEE! Today is Diego’s first adoption anniversary! I’m getting quite emotional writing about it and I can’t believe my baby has already been a year with us. Time sure flies when you are having fun! While I was thinking about writing this post, I realized that I never told you the whole adoption story in the first place. Let me take you one year back…


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Life: Mother’s Day

Sunday the 13th of May is the most important day of the year –  the day we give our mothers that extra bit of consideration and love: Mother’s Day! They are always there for us, try to take our pain when we are hurting, were our number one fans from the moment we were born. This Sunday we therefor try to honour the amazing person from under who’s wings we grew up to be the person we are today. Although a present is not necessarily the best way to show our appreciation, it is always nice to surprise your mom with a gift. This can be something handmade (my personal all-time favourite), a little card and flowers or something else you know she will really like. In this post, I’ll sum up some presents which always score high for the last-minute deciders.


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Life: Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

I just looove December: it’s not only my birthday month, but Christmas and New Year are coming closer and it’s getting colder outside (not that I’m particularly fond about that, but it does imply that it gets so much cosier inside!). It’s simply a month which is about family, friends and food (the three most important “f’s” in your life, frankly said). I’ve never used an advent calendar before, but what better way is there to count down the days to the most convivial holiday of the year:


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Life: My Fall Favourites

Fall is normally not my most-liked season. Most of the years, I guess I’m still mourning over the summer. In 2017 I made a promise to myself – a new year’s resolution if you want to call it that – to enjoy every season in its own way. The fact that Fall brings so many beautiful items with it – I’m not going to lie – also plays a big part in my Fall-enthousiasm this year. Out of all that goodness, I chose some products I thought everybody should know about:


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Event: Zizo Home

Last week, I was invited by Keldermans Wonen, in Herk-de-Stad, to discover their newly founded collection: Zizo Home. The main idea behind the collection was to stand out and to combine different pieces from all kinds of brands and turn them into a beautiful and instaproof entity. When looking at the showroom, I felt so inspired and wanted to start redecorating immediately. This is exactly why I liked to share this experience with you!


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