Event: Fall in love, Yankee Candle Fall collection

On the 21st of July, I went to check out the new fall collection of Yankee Candle in one of my go- to shops: Beauty & Bobs. I only discovered the cute shop a couple of months ago and it quickly became one of my favourite shops around! Now without further a do, let me tell you more about Yankee Candle’s ‘Fall in love’.


‘Fall in love’ to me sounds already like a perfect description of Yankee Candle’s latest collection: the smells make you want to crawl away under a cozy blanket and watch a feel good movie. The collection consists out of four different smells, and like always, Yankee Candle gets every single one of them right. When hearing the names, you don’t always know what to expect but when you smell them you understand it instantly. This fall series is another perfect example!

My personal – and also that of my boyfriend and fellow candle lover-  favourite candle is ‘Soft Cashmere’. The name sounds like calm, fluffy goodness and that’s exactly how it smells. Next to this, the collection consist of: ‘Mulberry & Fig delight’, ‘Autumn Glow’ and ‘Vibrant Saffron’. The latter is the one which I personally enjoyed not so much, but as they say: there’s no accounting for taste!

The new collection of smells is always accompanied by lovely candle accessories. If you have no idea what those are and didn’t think you need them in your life… Think twice! Like the candles, the Fall accessories make you “fall in love”! I am especially fond about the glass candle trays with golden details. How good would they look on my desk?!



Copyright: Yankee Candle


The ‘Fall in love’ Votive Giftset

And if all this wasn’t enough, Beauty & Bobs owner Rani made us feel welcome and at home by serving us amazing snacks and tasty cocktails and mocktails! Although it was a hot summer day that 21st of July, she immediately made me long after those cozy fall moments.


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