Food: Eat Natural Granola

Whereas I talked in my previous blog about taking good care of your skin by choosing the right skincare products, what you eat is actually an equally important factor in this. I recently discovered the tasty granola by Eat Natural, which definitely helps me eating better! I have tried and tested 3 different Eat Natural granolas very thoroughly (read: wolfed down tastily :p ) :


First let me give you some information about the brand. Eat Natural is a very small scale company which exists for 20 years already. They choose to produce their products with a high quality standard and therefor opt for a humble production team to be able to create all of the goods with an equal amount of love 😉 . I like that the company is based close to home (I wanted to say European but I guess that’s out of the question since the recent Brexit) and that the creators are doing everything they can to deliver a high quality product which is tasty and spreads joy. They are environmentally active and try to reduce their ecological footprint by working on better packaging – the plastic around the bars has already been reduced for 30 %! – and create plant-based and vegan products. Last but not least, they fund charities and organise a beekeeping programme. You can read more about their sustainability here. It’s always nice to know that what you are putting in your mouth is not only yummy and healthy but also guilt-free in another sense!


The three varieties which I got to try out are:

  • Super Granola Extreme Cacao with coconut, almonds and cacao

My absolute fav! I love all things chocolate and cacao and I have a sweet tooth so this is a perfect fit for me. I also really like the combination with the coconut.

  • Super Granola With Protein with almonds, seeds and honey

This one I would define as the most plain one. You can use this not only in your breakfast, but during the day as a yummy snack or to add to a dessert. It’s not as sweet as the cacao one and doesn’t contain any refined sugars.

  • Nutty Granola for breakfast with seeds, flakes and coconut nectar

The last option is a vegan one. Although the honey is replaced by the coconut nectar, it doesn’t compromise on taste. In this granola you can find a lot of nuts, especially peanuts and flakes which I really enjoy.


All of the Eat Natural Granolas variants are to be found in the supermarket for around €4 per box of 500gr.


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