Hotspot: Naais Time

Despite Genk being not that far from Sint-Truiden, where I live, I don’t really visit the city often. However, for this hotspot I love to make the extra mile! Naais Time is so much more than just a cute coffee spot in the city centre: it’s a place where you can live out your creative dreams. Let¬†Fatima, the lovely owner of Naais Time, surprise you with a delicious drink or some fresh baked goods and you’ ll find it hard to drag yourself away from this cosy hotspot.


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Vacay: Casa Liesy

A month ago – wow, I just realized that it’s already been a month while it just seems like yesterday – my boyfriend and I wanted to have a chill week after our exams. Last year, we went abroad, to Lanzarote, and this met all our expectations. However, this year we wanted to try something different and discover parts of our own country that we hadn’t seen yet. Since we had just gotten a dog, a gorgeous American Stafford named Diego which we adopted from the local animal shelter, we decided to discover an area in our own country that we weren’t so familiar with: Kelmis, a small city in the German speaking area of Belgium. Discover here how we spent our little vacay:

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Pairi Daiza

Last week, my boyfriend and myself payed a visit to the Belgian animalpark Pairi Daiza. The name of the park basically says it all: it’s a little piece of paradise in the middle of Namen, a Walloon province in Belgium. Heaven is a place on earth and the photos to support that statement¬†speak louder than words.


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PKP 2016

I would never have thought I’d be going to a festival this summer, until last week my boyfriend surprised me with two free tickets to Pukkelpop! Pukkelpop is a Belgian music festival, which lasts 4 days and is held in Kiewit, which is not so far off from where we live. The Line-up was great, but after all, our list of must-sees was pretty quickly made. Curious about who we went to see? Keep on reading…



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