Beauty: Nivea Bio Rice Scrubs

Hello everyone and my best wishes for the New Year! I am very excited to start off this new decade and I think it’s a great opportunity to jot down some good intentions. This year, one of my goals is to take better care of myself, my body and with that also my skin. I want to use less but more qualitative products. In the first days of the new year I immediately got the chance to try out a new product of Nivea and an important step in any skin routine: time to scrub!


The new Bio Rice Scrub range consist out of three different scrubs, which correspond with three different skin types or which you can use depending on the wished effect on the skin. Let’s start with the most gentle one: the Glow Rice Scrub with bio raspberry. This scrub is ideal for dry and sensitive skin and exfoliates gently and removes the dead cells. It promises a soft and glowy skin without irritation. Next up is the Equalizing Rice Scrub with bio blueberry. It should exfoliate more thoroughly than the Glow Scrub, which makes it ideal for normal skin who needs just a little bit perfecting. Lastly, we have to most intense scrub for a mixed to oily skin: the Purify Rice Scrub with aloe vera. Impurities will disappear, enlarged pores will tighten and it has a mattifying effect on the skin.

The consistency of the product is like a gel with exfoliates from natural origin. The products are to be used from twice a week (for the Purify Rice Scrub) up to daily (for the Glow Rice Scrub).  All you need is to add a little water 😉 My favourite one is probably the Purify Rice Scrub, since I have a mixed skin and suffer from acne now and then. The only thing I find a pity is that they still contain ingredients like benzyl alcohol or coloring which can dry out the skin and cause reactions. What I do love about these scrubs is that they are made with bio products. The scrubs are very gentle and leave your skin feeling very fresh and clean. They smell absolutely delicious and they are affordable. 

What would you go for? 1,2 or 3? Let me know below!

All of the scrubs are available in drugstores such as Di All about Beauty for €6,99.

Disclaimer: these scrubs were kindly gifted to me through the Fetch Social App.

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