Life: Mother’s Day

Sunday the 13th of May is the most important day of the year –  the day we give our mothers that extra bit of consideration and love: Mother’s Day! They are always there for us, try to take our pain when we are hurting, were our number one fans from the moment we were born. This Sunday we therefor try to honour the amazing person from under who’s wings we grew up to be the person we are today. Although a present is not necessarily the best way to show our appreciation, it is always nice to surprise your mom with a gift. This can be something handmade (my personal all-time favourite), a little card and flowers or something else you know she will really like. In this post, I’ll sum up some presents which always score high for the last-minute deciders.


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Since we can enjoy a long weekend right now, there is still lots of opportunity to shop for gifts. Of course, as you know your own mother best, you’ll know what she will hate or love. In this post, I can present some ideas but you can personalize to your mother’s likes.

  • A book:

My own mother loves to read, so even though sometimes I would like to give something else for a change, I know she enjoys a good book most of all. She has a little wishlist which I can easily check. However, if you don’t have any clue on which book she would enjoy most, you may be able to surprise her with a cute ‘Relax mama’ book, cookbook or postcards from Naboekov. For a mommy-to-be this is also lovely present.

  • Jewelry:

Most women like jewelry, so this is hit almost every time. Whether your mother likes silver, gold or rose gold items or if she is a real bling queen, if your budget allows it you can go totally crazy. My own mother doesn’t really wear bracelets or a necklace so I would definitely opt for a pair of beautiful earrings. You can order something beautiful from the internet, but I love shopping at my favourite local jewelry store: Juwelier Degeneffe.

  • Lifestyle items:

Place to be for mugs, frames and pouches with cute quotes: Beauty & Bobs. You can also find the best scented candles there! These items are not too expensive and are a nice extra gift to add a more personal touch. You can use the ‘mom I love you dish’ to put your newly bought jewelry on, or you can put a cute photo of you and your mom in the lovely ‘love you to the moon frame’.

  • Cosmetics:

Your mother probably has the same ritual for some years now, with the same products that she is used to. Check if one of them is almost empty and just surprise her with a brand new one! But it is also wonderful if you can spoil your mom with a more luxurious product that she normally wouldn’t wear, or to try out a new brand to change up her routine. Does your mother not wear make-up? Think broader and you will find more than enough options: skin-care, parfum, sun products,… Right now, a sale on Bijenkorf makes it somewhat easier on the wallet.

To finish it off, don’t forget a little card and flowers!


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Copyright: Philosofie


Copyright: Philosofie


Copyright: Philosofie


Copyright: Philosofie

Products used in the photos:

Tell me what you got your mother in the comments and let me know if you got any inspiration from the post!




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