Birthday Party Throwback

Last week Wednesday, on the 7th of December, it was my birthday. Finally 21, the age of which everyone dreams! And although I celebrated most of the week, I wanted to show how my special day looked like: my birthday-outfit, the decoration and my presents.


Since my birthday was on a Wednesday and most people had to go to work (except my mom, thanks for taking a day off, you’re the best!) and my brother had an exam (wishing him good luck by the way!), we weren’t able to do something grand. Instead, we had a lovely family breakfast whilst I was opening the presents. In the evening, my boyfriend came over and we had the most lovely meal which my mom put together. Afterwards my boyfriend and me headed over to his house where we had a chill and cosy evening together. A perfect day if you ask me!



My boyfriend Simon, playing me a serenade

First of all, what was I wearing? I wanted to put on something a little bit special, since you only turn 21 once, but like I said before we weren’t going to do something big, so I didn’t put everything out the closet.

What was I wearing:

  • sparkly dress from Zara
  • long sleeved T-shirt from Primark
  • Tights from Primark
  • Over-the-knee boots from Poelman, bought from BENT

When I got downstairs, my mom and stepdad had decorated the living room so beautifully! Everything was in the pink theme, and they even made sure there were fresh roses on the table. I surely felt quite special! Most of the decorations are by AVA, such as the table cover and the napkins, and the golden ’21’ letters.


Last but not least: my presents! Take a look at some of the beautiful presents I got from friends and family:



Love this limited edition lipstick from MAC, which I got from my best friend Sofie!


My favourite gift of all: a beautiful ring which I got from my boyfriend!


Beautiful silver and rosé gold earrings from my mother, aren’t they gorgeous?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, the gifts and all of the love from my friends and family! Love you all! ❤

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