Event: Zizo Home

Last week, I was invited by Keldermans Wonen, in Herk-de-Stad, to discover their newly founded collection: Zizo Home. The main idea behind the collection was to stand out and to combine different pieces from all kinds of brands and turn them into a beautiful and instaproof entity. When looking at the showroom, I felt so inspired and wanted to start redecorating immediately. This is exactly why I liked to share this experience with you!



It doesn’t matter if you want to refurbish your living area, your dining room or make yourself a lovely reading spot, from the moment you walk into the showroom of Zizo Wonen, you can picture yourself already sitting in it. The pieces seem durable, but are not too expensive: great for shopping on a budget! Almost everything ended up in my wishlist, but below I show you some of my favourites. Not everything, so that you can discover some more for yourself. If you want to look at the products yourself, be sure to check out the showroom, located in Herk-de-Stad, not too far from my home town Sint-Truiden.


And if that wasn’t enough, we got offered a delicious three course meal, made by chefs Séverine and Pascal from Cooking4you. I really enjoyed the magnificent dinner in this lovely setting and amazing people. Especially the desert was wonderful for a chocolate freak like myself! A special thanks to the team of Zizo Home and Keldermans Wonen for the great evening and to Glenn for inviting me to this lovely event!


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