August Favourites

So, I know that August has past, but I’d still like to share with you my favourites of the previous month! This is my first “favourites” blogpost, so there are not so many products on my list, but as I continue making these posts, I hopefully can share more and more of favourites with you.



  1. Lipliner Primark in nude

First in line is the nude lipliner from Primark. In general, I’ve been quite obsessed by the Primark beauty line. It’s super cheap, but every product I’ve used is of really good quality. This lipliner is of no exception. I really love the nude colour, and the pigmentation is really good, so you don’t need to re-apply layer over layer to create a nice lip. Recently, I’ve been not only using it as a liner underneath my lipsticks, but also as a matte lipstick itself, sometimes with a gloss on top. It just looks so good, and you can walk around all day without touch-ups.


2. Anti-Frizz Primark Serum

Like I said, I’ve been loving the beauty line of Primark recently. This Anti-Frizz Serum which you can put on towel-dry or dry hair to eliminate any frizz, I picked up earlier this year, but only recently tried it out. I always use on oil on my hair because after I combed through my hair a couple of times, it sometimes looks a little bit dry and frizzy. However, oil also makes my long hair very heavy and greasy. Since I’ve been using this serum, which also smells amazing, my hair never looks dry or frizzy, nor heavy and greasy! It’s just the perfect match. Only bad thing is that when I wanted to pick up another bottle, I couldn’t find it an more! So Primark, if you’re reading this: please put the Anti- Frizz Serum back in your shelves!


3. Pandora bracelet

Ever since I’ve bought this beautiful bracelet in Lanzarote, I am never not wearing it! If you follow me on social media, you will probably have noticed it in many of my posts. It’s so easy to combine with every outfit, since it’s classy and elegant. I’ve also added two beads: one with strangled flowers and little rhinestones and another which I got from my boyfriend when we celebrated our one year anniversary and which is a simple bead with pink (he knows me so well) rhinestones. However, I’ve still got a lot of beads on my wishlist. They are all so pretty!


4. Book: Wanderlust, your urban travel style guide- Anne De Buck

I really love reading, but mostly I read books which are obligatory reading in Uni. When I saw this book though, I really needed to buy it. The cover is so attractive and I immediately wanted to start reading. And once I’d started: woah, what a page-turner! It may not seem like it, because it’s a non-fiction book full of tips and tricks for travelling in a not- so conventional way, but I enjoyed every page. I certainly picked up a lot of information which I never knew about and which I’m definitely going to keep in mind when booking my next trip. It’s also written in a very approachable language, so that you have the feeling that Anne De Buck is just a friend of you, telling you all these wonderful tips whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Definitely a must-read for all who have a little wanderlust in them!


Did you enjoy reading this post and would you like to read my favourites every month? Did I make you curious about any products or have you tried any yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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