Vacay: Casa Liesy

A month ago – wow, I just realized that it’s already been a month while it just seems like yesterday – my boyfriend and I wanted to have a chill week after our exams. Last year, we went abroad, to Lanzarote, and this met all our expectations. However, this year we wanted to try something different and discover parts of our own country that we hadn’t seen yet. Since we had just gotten a dog, a gorgeous American Stafford named Diego which we adopted from the local animal shelter, we decided to discover an area in our own country that we weren’t so familiar with: Kelmis, a small city in the German speaking area of Belgium. Discover here how we spent our little vacay:

On Airbnb, I instantly found what seemed like a perfect house for our small stay: Casa Liesy, a lovely house near the woods with a swimming pool and sauna and with plenty of room for us, our friends and our dogs. When we arrived at the scene, not only became clear that everything was as idyllic as we imagined it to be, but also that we would be the first guests on this lovely property. The hosts, Andrea and her husband, clearly put a lot of effort in this beautiful house, which has both a charming in- and outside and is a perfect combination of old and new. They were very friendly and always available when you needed them.

We were lucky to have a week of nice weather in Belgium, and as a result we could try out not only the Infrared sauna, but also the bio- pool. We had two nice BBQ’s on the grill and the dogs had the time of their life in the woods. The only downside to the property was that it was not fully secluded and as a result we couldn’t let the dogs wander freely around the house. Next to this, everything was great. We mostly went hiking in the woods and chilled at the house and before we knew: the week was over. Thanks to Andrea and her husband from Casa Liesy for the lovely stay. We will surely be recommending it and definitely come again!


Welcome- sign


The beautiful living room


One of the two bedrooms


The Welcome package from the lovely owners of Casa Liesy


My boyfriend and myself enjoying the good life


The Infrared Sauna


My two favourite men in front of the fire


The sauna from the outside


The bio- pool


Enjoying some pooltime with Diego


Hiking with the dogs


Photosession during a hike with the dogs


Chilling in the sun

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