Life: Diego’s First adoption anniversary

PARTY TIMEEE! Today is Diego’s first adoption anniversary! I’m getting quite emotional writing about it and I can’t believe my baby has already been a year with us. Time sure flies when you are having fun! While I was thinking about writing this post, I realized that I never told you the whole adoption story in the first place. Let me take you one year back…


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Vacay: Casa Liesy

A month ago – wow, I just realized that it’s already been a month while it just seems like yesterday – my boyfriend and I wanted to have a chill week after our exams. Last year, we went abroad, to Lanzarote, and this met all our expectations. However, this year we wanted to try something different and discover parts of our own country that we hadn’t seen yet. Since we had just gotten a dog, a gorgeous American Stafford named Diego which we adopted from the local animal shelter, we decided to discover an area in our own country that we weren’t so familiar with: Kelmis, a small city in the German speaking area of Belgium. Discover here how we spent our little vacay:

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