Ostend: Sea, Sunshine & Laughter

As you may have noticed my weekly post is somewhat later than usual. But only because I wanted to share my amazing last few days that I spent on the coast, in Ostend. Some of you might have seen some of the lovely moments I captured on my instagram feed, but there is lots of more to see!

My boyfriend and I booked a couple of weeks in advance. This is an absolute must if you want to be able to enjoy an early bird discount. Firstly, we were looking at booking.com and we found this great looking hotel: Leopold Hotel Ostend. When checking the site of the hotel itself though, the prices were much cheaper! Always be sure to look if the hotel itself offers better, more budget-friendly prices than sites like booking.com. They can offer amazing deals, but in some cases you can save some of your money when booking the hotel of your choice on its own site. In our case, we got another 15 % on top because we booked more than two weeks in advance!

When we checked in, our mouths dropped. The hotel is located on 150m from the shore, in an amazing Art Deco -an Architectural style that I found very beautiful- building from 1928. On the inside, the lovely light breakfast room and cozy bar were the first things that caught my eyes. It was not hard to enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning. However, when after reading this blogpost, you want to stay in the Leopold Hotel yourself, be sure to take breakfast early, or later, around 10 a.m. This way, you can avoid the busy crowd swarming around the delicious food.

The room- we picked the superior room– was very nice, also very light and open. Absolutely terrific for a relaxing weekend at the coast! And if this wasn’t enough, you could also chill out in the beautiful lounge, with a modern interior and lots of green. The hotel also offers two wonderful extra’s. For the coffee addicts among us: they serve Starbucks‘ coffee! I myself absolutely adored the fact that they team up with Rituals so that you smell delicious during your whole stay. Makes you never wanna leave this place!

Ostend itself is a lively city, with lots of museums, shops and other activities. We chose for a somewhat calmer weekend, and enjoyed long walks throughout the city centre and near the beach. On a few meters from our hotel we found the idyllic Leopold Park, where we enjoyed the good weather to the fullest. On our first night, we ate a the most tasty dinner at Falstaff Ostend. The stewed beef and the bouillabaisse are both recommended! The service was excellent and the staff friendly. I personally find food so important! On an empty stomach, the only thing I excel in is complain and being grumpy. Therefore, I can really enjoy a well cooked meal.

We visited the city of Knokke and of course some shopping was on the agenda. My poor boyfriend got dragged into multiple stores, while I looked for new items to add to my wardrobe. Don’t pity him too much however, we also checked out tons of jewelry shops, in order to find him a wrist watch (check out some of his favorites underneath). I couldn’t resist buying a new denim shirt from Vero Moda and light pink suede pumps by Zara. Fashion is unmistakable a huge part of my life, and therefore it’s on my mind everywhere I go!

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