Pairi Daiza

Last week, my boyfriend and myself payed a visit to the Belgian animalpark Pairi Daiza. The name of the park basically says it all: it’s a little piece of paradise in the middle of Namen, a Walloon province in Belgium. Heaven is a place on earth and the photos to support that statement speak louder than words.


Pairi Daiza, chosen as the best Belgian Zoo of 2016, is involved in the preservation of many endangered species. As a result of their panda fostering program,  a couple of months ago, the first panda was born in Belgium. We got to visit the little one. Nothing more to see than a ball of fluff, but we were immediately in love with this cutie nevertheless.


One of the bonusses of the park is that you can watch the zookeepers feed the animals. This might result in some spectacle, like you can see on the pictures.


The view when you look around the park is also wonderful. The park is divided into different “worlds” and every continent is represented. I enjoyed the “Le Royaume du Ganesha”, which represents South-East Asia, and “La cité des Immortels”, which represents China, the most. I love the fact that the housing of the animals is inside temples and buildings which are perfectly in theme with every continent.


New in the park was the world “La terre du froid”, which is inspired on the fauna and flora in America, Canada, Lapland and Siberia. They were still working on it, but it already looked amazing. Let me show you:


Also a must-do when in the park: take a ride on the mini-train! It was so much fun and we got the see some of the animals much closer. Extra advantage: when you’re a ambitious pokétrainer like my boyfriend and myself (guilty!),this train is a real egg hatcher! The rest of the park is also very poké- friendly, since there are a lot of pokéstops and some rare pokémon! Go catch them all! 😉


Last but not least: what was I wearing? It was a hot day, so I wanted to wear something light and airy so I wouldn’t feel all sticky after all the walking. However, when going to a park I want to be prepared and also wear something which is quite comfortable, since you are going to walk a lot. I therefore opted for a dark blue skater skirt and a nice airy flower top, which I tucked into the skirt. To finish the outfit I wore comfortable yet shiny and classy trainers and a little mustard coloured bag, which you can put a strap on to hang around your neck.


  1. Dark blue skater skirt: Primark
  2. Flower top: H&M
  3. Blue trainers with sequins: Pepe Jeans
  4. Mustard coloured bag: Mexx


What do think about the park? Do you love animal parks also and which ones were the most memorable to you? Also, tell me about your favourite animal in the zoo! 

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