Blogmas Day 1: Yankee Candle Advent Calendar 2018

Welcome to the first day of my first year of BLOGMAS! I have always been a big fan of Vlogmas myself, the famous phenomenon where vloggers count down the days to Christmas by posting a video from the 1st of December onwards. It always helps me to get completely into the holiday spirit! However, since making a video every day is not yet possible for me, I chose to do it in my own way: Blogmas it is! I’ll be trying to write a blog every day until Christmas. Are you excited already? Because I am!


Since I’ll be counting down the days with you, I thought what better way to start this series than to discuss my favourite advent calendar of all time with you: the beautiful Advent Fold out Calendar 2019.

This gorgeous golden box already looks stunning when it is closed, but when you open it up it folds open into a fairytale forest. I find it even more beautiful than last year’s calendar and if you saw my blogpost then, you know that it is hard to believe that Yankee could do better than the 2017 Calendar. However, Yankee Candle always seems to surpass themselves.

Inside the calendar are 12 votives, 12 tea lights and one Gold Mercury Glass Votive holder to place the candles in. The votives which it contains are in the fragrances: Christmas Eve, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Magic, The Perfect Tree, Spiced White Cocoa, Glittering Star, Icy Blue Spruce, Frosty Gingerbread, Winter Wonder, Crackling Wood Fire, Snowflake Cookie and All Is Bright. The tea lights are only to be found in the last six fragrances. I like the tea lights better, because they burn easier without having to watch them very carefully. I am most curious to burn the four new winter fragrances:

  • Glittering Star
  • Ice Blue Spruce
  • Frosty Gingerbread
  • Winter Wonder

This advent calendar is my favourite every year, since burning a candle is just perfect to get into that end-of-the-year mood. Nothing better with this colder weather to cozy up into your couch with a blanket, a hot cocoa and a nice candle which smells – even though you didn’t think it was possible – exactly like Christmas.


Details (All Yankee Candle, sold at Beauty and Bobs):

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website of Beauty and Bobs, since they do amazing gifts for the holidays! The owner Rani makes sure you come home with the most wonderful candles and lovely accessories and spoils you with every single purchase.

Finally, some questions for you: Do you like fragranced candles and do you own an advent calendar? Which one and why? Have you ordered with Beauty and Bobs before or are you planning to? Let me know!

Love, Sofie

P.S. If you want to see me opening up the advent calendar day by day: check out my Instagram stories!

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