Vacay: Citytrip to Milan

Although it has been a while, today I would like to share my Milan hotspots with you. From the 5th to the 8th of September, I went on a citytrip to Milan with my best friend Sofie and for both of us it was the first time in the city of Fashion. Read on if you want to know which places are definitely worth a visit!


On the first day we immediately took a look around the city and decided to start discovering the most famous building of Milan: the Duomo. We bought a combined ticket for 12 euros to visit the Duomo, its two museums inside, the Duomo museum across the street and to go on top of the Duomo in 72 hours. This was definitely worth the money: we went inside and on top of the Duomo in around 3 hours and by then we needed some well – deserved rest. We visited the Duomo museum two days later. It maybe a classic, but I wouldn’t want to have missed this! If you thought the outside of the Duomo was beautiful, it is nothing compared to the inside! The light shining through the gorgeous glass windows is almost divine.


Inside the Duomo: the beautiful glass windows


Inside the Duomo: the golden image of Madonna


On top of the Duomo: view of the city

On the next day, we took the train to a nearby city in the countryside: Crema. Parts of the movie ‘Call me by your name’ were filmed here. This picturesque city was truly one out of a video clip or a movie. We went to some of the sets of the movie, took a stroll down the city centre and ate the best ice-cream we ever had.


The Duomo of Crema


Crema’s central square

On the third day we stayed in the city. Like I mentioned earlier, we visited the museum of the Duomo. We then went to see some of the exhibitions in the palazzo, which has a beautiful architecture and most of the expo’s are free! We also entered Teatro alla Scala, the beautiful theatre building where different opera’s, plays and ballet are held. Too bad we couldn’t be present during an actual performance, but we did caught a couple of moments of the ballet that was about to be performed that night: AMAZING! If you have the chance and are prepared to put down some money: book your tickets!


Inside the Museum of the Duomo


Inside the palazzo


Inside the palazzo

In the afternoon, we walked toward the Castello Sforzesco. This castle was build in the 15th century and carries a rich history. For a couple of euros you can visit the entire castle and its museum, which took us the entire afternoon! If you want to see everything, it’s best to take into consideration that there is too much to see in just a couple of hours! The museum keeps a considerable collection: from weaponry to music instruments, wall decoration to furniture,… I found it both impressive and interesting!


Castello Sforzesco: from the inner courtyard


Castello Sforzesco: inside the castle


A class window which belonged to lady Sforza

From just looking at these pictures, you can understand that the three days went past too quickly. Milan has a both a rich history and present and there is just so much to discover in this wonderful city. I also loved the vibe of the city, but I must admit I am in love with the general energy of big cities: the busy streets, inspirational crowdedness,… I can’t get enough of it! Also, the museums weren’t too expensive, so you wholeheartedly spend your entire paycheck on a designer bag or a Sephora haul. :p

Any questions or recommendations? Please comment below!

Love, Sofie

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