Life: Summer essentials

I never thought I would write this, but – even for me – it is too hot. We just managed to overcome last week’s heatwave and already another one is on its way. I personally love a nice warm summer, but since I am stuck in my non air-conditioned room writing my bachelor paper, it feels like my brain is slowly starting to melt. Time for a blogpost break if you ask me! I present you with some of my summer essentials which make the upcoming heatwave somewhat bearable:


I hope you are not expecting tips and tricks on how to keep yourself cool or anything like that, because I am struggling myself to keep my head cool! (One thing that did help I must say is cutting my hair but I can’t imagine everyone to follow such drastic measures. 😉 ) So, I just gathered the things which I recently have been using every single day and which cannot be missing in your everyday routine.

First of all: the basket bag. This bag has truly been the it-bag of the season: you see it everywhere! This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with it and need to invest in a high street handbag which you can only use in summer. I got this one from my local second- hand shop for only €1,50! I made sure I gave it a good wash and sprayed some disinfectant on the inside and it looks as good as new!


Next up are some accessories that I have been grabbing everyday whenever I go outside and risk defying the heat: my Escada sunglasses, my gold earrings from Mango and a cute engraved gold bangle which I bought at Oxfam to support fair-trade. You literally can’t see me leaving the house without those!


Last of all are some of the products I am loving most this summer. My number one is definitely the Summer bronze sun spray gel in SPF 30 which Kruidvat brought out last year. It promises and gives an immediate bronzed effect on your skin and protects against UVA and UVB light at the same time. It is also water resistant. I probably use it 3 to 4 times a day, depending on how often I am outside and I have not been burned once since I use it! I will surely be repurchasing it when I finish this bottle! The Lovea piña colada shower gel is a product that I only discovered recently. It has 0% sulfates and parabenes in it and it smells so good! I mean, who doesn’t want to smell like this summer cocktail in this weather! Last but not least are these Rimmel nail polishes from the 60 second super shine range. They are cheap, dry fast and look so pretty! I opted for 4 summery colours but you can for sure use them in other seasons as well. More about these you will read in one of my next blogposts!



I hope you liked the items as much as I do and hopefully I gave you some inspiration to distract yourself somewhat from the heat. Let me know what you think and if you have some tips to cool down, please let me know in the comment box!

Love, Sofie



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