Beauty: Review The Balm lippies

Maybe you already guessed it, but lip products are probably my number one purchased beauty product. I just like to switch it up some times and a new colour on your lips is so easy to add some spunk to your whole outfit! When I saw the ongoing sale on The Balm cosmetics products in the drugstore Di All about beauty, I just couldn’t resist to try out some lippies:


I bought 3 of the “Meet Matt(e) Hughes” Long- lasting liquid lipsticks and one “Pretty smart” lip gloss infused with ginseng. I had already heard a lot of good comments about the liquid lipsticks but I didn’t have any experiences with the lipgloss whatsoever. When picking the colour of the lipgloss though, I found that it was very difficult only judging from the packaging. The colour on the box didn’t correspond with the bright colours inside the tubes. It was a good thing I pulled them out of the boxes to check!

The three liquid lipsticks are very creamy when you first apply them. They are workable, they don’t dry up immediately but only after a few minutes. When opening the lipsticks I immediately noticed the really nice smell: vanilla and mint. You also feel the mint on your lips as soon as you apply them: a nice fresh, tingling feeling.

The colours I picked out are called ‘Charming’, ‘Romantic’ and ‘Faithful’. ‘Charming’ is one of the original colours, while the other two are from the newer range. ‘Charming’ is a rusty old pinkish nude tone. It is really hard to tell the exact colour and it will probably depend on both your skin tone as your natural lipcolour. However, on my lips I think they look slightly on the reddish side. I can agree with the pink undertone but it also reminds me of a kind of brick colour. Despite its undefinable colour, it does fit great with everything and you can surely wear it on a day-to-day basis.


The next colour, ‘Romantic’ is definitely more of a reddish pink. This is almost your typical classic red, but with a little pink twist to it. I like the popping colour very much, but it is one that you best try out in the shop to see if it fits your skin tone. I do think I won’t wear this one as often as the other two, just because it is a very specific colour to match an outfit.


The final colour I picked out was ‘Faithful’ and this is also a gorgeous one. I think this is a lipcolour that matches with almost any skin tone from very fair to a darker type. It is a berry purple, almost like a slight stain that you’d have after eating blackberries or blackcurrants. It is very rich but not to striking, also great for everyday wear.


Last but not definitely least is the lipgloss I bought and with which I couldn’t be more happy. It is called ‘BAM!’ and it is already my favourite summer lippie! I mean, just look at that shine! It is not super sticky and it feels nourishing on the lips. Similar to the lipsticks, the lipgloss smells amazing! I really like the colour, which is a coral- like light pink. I love to wear it on its own, but I am sure you could put it over a lipstick as well.


What do you think? Have you tried out one of The Balm’s products yet? What do you think about the colours and what is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sofie

All colours are available online or at your local Di All about beauty store (now in sale!).

P.S.: On the pictures I am not wearing any make-up other than the lip products mentioned above. I also chose not to remove – aka photoshop – any of my spots or other imperfections because like it or not, this is my skin and I am happy with it. Nobody is perfect and I think it is important not to lie about my own ‘flaws’ and just show who I really am. Hope you liked the post!

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