Outfit: Flowers all the way

Believe it or not, but it’s still hot in Belgium. This means I’ll keep the summer outfits coming your way! This time however, not with a focus on my accessories but on the scenery. I’ve been lucky to find this beautiful spot near my home, on a property owned by my grandmother. This year, they decided to spread around some wildflower seeds in the garden and take a look at the result:


In summer, I love a nice flowy dress which doesn’t stick to your body. This is the main reason I chose this dress on a hot day such as today. The spaghetti straps are very lightweight on your shoulders but your arms are not completely bare because of the off-the- shoulders wavy sleeves. I really like the asymmetric folds which are draped around the bottom side. Although the dress is loose it does accentuate my waist, which I am very grateful for. The flower pattern was just the cherry on the pie to make it into my shopping basket.

With this fairly romantic dress, I wore my favourite fanny pack which is a vintage Gucci that was gifted to me by my aunt. It fits so many of my stuff (sunglasses, phone, wallet, keys,…) and it is very easy to carry around. I adore the fact that it is vintage and therefor it is more unique. The fanny pack also tunes the dress down slightly, and gives it more of an edge. On my feet I put some easy slide- in white sandals with some more flowers on it. However, since this is almost the perfect festival outfit, I would also love to combine it with some white cut-out boots à la Balenciaga. Last but not least I wore some little rosé bracelets and my trusty gold watch.


Outfit details:

What do you think about this look? Do you have a favourite summer item? Tell me about it in the comments!

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