MADARA Face Scrub

Sunday is funday, and what I like to do on my Sunday is to take it easy. Working on my blog, watching some tv,… in one word: relax. It’s the one day of the week where I can charge up for the week which is to come. It’s also the only day where I can enjoy a full skincare routine. I put on some spa-music and take out my favourite products. Since this morning I have a new item on this list: the MADARA Face Scrub. Let me tell you why:


MADARA organic skincare is a company from Latvia which is founded by a young group of entrepreneurs. They use pure northern natural ingredients in their products to receive the highest effectiveness. They share my opinion that skincare “goes deeper than skin”. Because – I love how they say it on their site-  “that’s why we insist on truly effective organic ingredients, honest claims, environmentally friendly packaging, care, passion and respect. Because a radiant heart leads to radiant skin.” Why wouldn’t you want to help with that mission?


The founders of Madara- copyright Madara

Oh my Goodies is a Belgian web shop which only sells equitable, sustainable products which are made with respect for both man and nature. Therefor, it totally makes sense that Evi, the leading lady behind all of this, chooses to sell this brand. To make sure that what she sells is the best of the best, she sends out some test products to see if the products fit everyone.


I received the exfoliating oil-to-milk face scrub in travel size, which is super handy to take with you on a weekend away, or just to always have with you in your bag. The packaging is beautiful in a minimalist way: white with some metallic silver details and on the back is a very clear instruction manual. The product itself is very oily, with little wax micro-pearls, so you can easily distribute it over your face and you don’t need much in doing so. The first thing that I notice is the amazing smell: fruity yet clean. I also love how smooth it feels on your skin and how easy it is to apply and rinse off your face. In a couple of minutes you have a fresh and clean face. However, you can also take your time and enjoy the feel of the micro-pearls gently rubbing on your skin. Afterwards, your skin has such a fresh feel to it, and it looks (like it says on the tube) almost velvety.


To hydrate my skin after scrubbing it thoroughly I used the sample of the SOS HYDRA recharge cream. This thick cream also smells amazing and you also don’t need much of it. Although it’s thick, it immediately gets absorbed by your skin, which gets an instant glow.


Conclusion: after these two wonderful products, I can’t wait to try out more of the MADARA products. I will definitely order more of their products to see if they can compete with these two.

Have you heard about MADARA organic skincare before? Did you already try one of their products or are you curious about other products of Madara that you’d like me to try out? Be sure to leave your reaction in the comments.

PS: This post contains free products, however I always give my opinion honestly. Special thanks to Oh my Goodies to let me test the Madara products.

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