Kiehl’s Birthday Bash

Hip Hip Hoorah! Kiehl’s is 165 year old and that must be celebrated big time! Last Friday, I and blogger and good friend Little Louvain got invited to Kiehl’s Birthday Bash and well, let me tell you (or better, show you), what a party that was!


Firstly, let me tell you a bit more about the brand Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s started as an apothecary in New York’s East Village in 1851. Therefore, they have more than a lifetime of experience, which you notice in many of their products. Which are, by the way, made with the finest naturally- derived ingredients. Lavender, Vitamin C, Beech tree extract,… these are just a tip of the iceberg of wonderful ingredients which are in their products. This doesn’t only make the products smell wonderful, but also has a healing effect on the skin. What I personally enjoy very much about this brand is not only their great products but also the charities they invest in. They serve in over 100 local communities over the world (check their site to see which ones). Since their products are made out of naturally- derived ingredients, they also see the importance of supporting the environment and helping to reduce climate change. They have a recycle program which rewards you to bring back your empty bottle! Yeey for double profits!


Secondly, of course: everything about the party! The venue was first of all, so beautiful! I had never been to the Red Fish Factory in Antwerp, but it was just the perfect place for a night like this. Nothing lacked on this evening. The party was American themed, clearly referring to the place where it all started for Kiehl’s. There was a hotdog and popcorn stand where you could get these amazing typical American snacks. Inside were different bars where you could get the drink of your choice (of course we went for a wonderful Gin & Tonic). And last but not least, there was great music to loosen up and get the party started!


Also, there was a corner of dozens of products from Kiehl’s and in the middle was a beauty bar where you could have a skin analysis (which they also do for free in any of their shops btw!) by a beauty expert. Of course I got my skin tested and as a result, I found out that I had a normal to oily skin. On the basis of this analysis, they could adapt my skin care routine.


If this wasn’t even enough, we got to take home our favourite product! There was this amazing personalized wall, like the ones you normally take a snack out of, out of which we were allowed to choose a product and take home with us! I went for the amazing ‘Midnight Recovery Concentrate’. I choice which I haven’t regretted ever since! It’s for a reason that this one gets the golden medal of customer’s favourites. This oil makes my skin supersmooth and ever since I use it, my skin looks amazing and radiant. Thank you Kiehl’s!


Last of all, I want to thank Kiehl’s for the invitation, and my lovely friend Little Louvain for coming with me to this amazing event! We had the time of our lives! Happy Birthday to you! ❤

Be sure to check out Little Louvain’s report of this amazing night here and don’t forget to take a look on the Kiehl’s site for more information about their history and different products, or go to one of their shops where they will help you choose a personalized skin routine!


Have you tried out any products of Kiehl’s before? Share your favourite in the comments! 

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