Chokers are SO fetch!

You can’t look past the choker nowadays. Is it a bygone trend from the nineties? Is the fashion industry going through an emo period? No, the choker is back, better than ever. After some months of wait-and-see, I decided to go with the flow and purchase a choker. What finally pushed me over the line? “Chokers are so fetch“!


A choker is a close-fitting necklace, which can be made in several materials. In the nineties, the choker was typically made out of black plastic, like you can see on the picture below.



However, nowadays the choker is made in every colour and out of different materials like velvet, metal, leather,… At first, I was quite skeptical about this trend. I didn’t thought it would look good on me because I’m not that long and I was afraid it would “cut off” my head from the rest of my body.

But “Chokers are so fetch” convinced me to buy my very first chokers. The chokers are all handmade. I opted for the the velvet baby pink choker, which is very subtle and wouldn’t stand out too much. Later on, I also added the original black velvet choker to my order, to go with my black tops and dresses. When I got the two beauties, I eventually liked the black one better! What do you think? I think chokers are indeed very fetch!


Are you as much in love with these lovely chokers as I am? Check out their instagram:

You can place your order by just sending a DM!

What do you think about the whole choker trend? Do you own any chokers? Let me know your favourite in the comments!


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