Shake it baby! Review Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker

Hello everyone! With all of my exams behind me, I finally got more time to focus on my blog. So many blog posts to write, but I’ve chosen this one to start with, as I bought the Lancôme Juicy Shaker already a  few weeks ago. Are you curious about the results? Read on!



Before I bought the Juicy Shaker myself, I had heard so many good reviews so I just had to try it out. I bought mine in Ici Paris XL, but you can easily order it online if you can’t find in a store nearby. Out of all the beautiful colours I picked the “Mangoes Wild“, because of it’s bright coral- pink colour. Let me tell you, it’s just perfect to start summer with! And as we haven’t much good weather until now, at least Mangoes Wild made me feel like it was summer.


First of all, the packaging is really beautiful. It looks really classy and because of the see-through underside you can immediately spot the beautiful colour. The shape resembles a cocktail shaker and lives up to the expectations you have when hearing its name. Its size is just perfect for travelling, since its very compact. Since I bought the Juicy Shaker it hasn’t been missing in my handbag.

juicy shaker mangoes wild ici paris

Juicy Shaker Mangoes Wild Copyright Ici Paris XL

If you think the packaging is nice, you will like everything else about this product. Lancôme has truly outdone itself with the Juicy Shaker. It’s not only fun to shake the little bottle like a pro bartender, the product itself is also outstanding. The combination of the bright and beautiful colour and the soothing effect of the oil on your lips is just perfect. My lips felt so smooth after applying the Mangoes Wild, I’m totally in love! The applying brush might not seem as handy at the start, but because of its cone-like shape, you can reach every area with the upside of the brush and colour in the rest of your lip with the bigger surface. The product is not that pigmented, but as it’s not a lipstick that didn’t really bother me. The colour stays on for a long time, even after a whole day you could still see it. The lip oil has a pure nourishing effect, and adds a little bit of a glow. However, it doesn’t feel sticky at all. Above all of this, Mangoes Wild is not only named after the lovely colour that reminds me of a hot summer day, but also smells divine, hmm!

This product has gained itself a spot in my permanent make-up stash and I can’t wait to try out more of the colours. This definitely became a summer must-have for me! Do you have any experience with the Lancôme’s Juicy Shakers? Do you have different colours? Let me know it the comments below!

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