Lanzarote: photo diary

Hello sweet readers! First of all thank you for reading another post on my blog, especially because it has been some time since I last posted. Reason? Like always: I’ve been so busy! I have a serious problem in the sense that I can’t say no and as a result of that I currently am working three jobs. But I just had tons of ideas for new blogposts and had to start writing again because I had so many things I wanted to share with you. I’d like to begin with a photo diary of my holiday in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote for me was all about new experiences. It was not only my first vacation to Lanzarote, but also the first time I went on holiday for an entire week and the first summer holiday with my boyfriend. I don’t think I need to express how excited I was to leave for this beautiful island with my hubby to be!


We arrived quite late in Lanzarote, so we didn’t do much sightseeing that day. We went straight to our apartment at the ‘Los Hibiscos apartments‘, which was just a few meters from ‘Playa Grande’, one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches on the island. I’ll be posting a review on the apartment later, so be sure to stay in touch!

The first day we enjoyed the sunny weather (which was a nice improvement over the Belgian “summer”) and mostly hung around the pool with a nice cocktail in our hand. Next to that, we also went strolling down the neighborhood. The 8 km avenue just next to beach is perfect to take a late night walk, as my boyfriend and I like to do just before we go to sleep.

The next day the weather was even better than the first whoo-hoo! (In case, you hadn’t noticed, I love summer!) Secondly, the Belgian red devils were about to play their match against Wales, so like proud Belgians, we adapted our outfits! What do you think about them? Yay or Nay? Too bad our amazing outfits couldn’t help the Devils win though!

Next on our agenda was a visit to the National Park Timanfaya. This was definitely worth the effort we put in finding a means of transport. However, we hadn’t thought about the height difference (Timanfaya lays on one of the highest points on the island) and even my boyfriend (who never gets cold) was freezing! We made a bus tour through the volcanic landscape and gazed our eyes out. When we came back to the starting point, they showed us how hot it is just beneath the surface by burning wood just 3 meters below the surface. Fun Fact: they used the heath of the sleeping volcanoes to roast the meat you could order in the restaurant!

After that amazing trip, we longed for more and on Sunday we visited the lovely market in Teguise. I like to see the local products and taste some typical foods. We definitely got to do this and we spotted some idyllic houses and places too. And what do you think about this cute handmade silver bracelet my boyfriend got me? I haven’t stop wearing it ever since I got it!


The last days, we mostly spent near the beach or the swimming pool. We combined the “chillingz” with some…SHOPPING! What else? You must have been wondering when this would come ;-). We didn’t buy a lot, but when in Spain, I always like to visit ZARA, because they often have more clothes and sometimes cheaper prices than in Europe. I adored the colourful mules you can spot on the picture below, sooo disappointed that they weren’t available in my size though :(. In the shopping mall not far from our hotel, there was also an OYSHO store, a brand I discovered a time ago and where they sell the most beautiful pyjamas and bikinis. My boyfriend helped to pick out the cutest satin pyjamas. Also a tip from my boyfriend was to buy a PANDORA bracelet on the island, as it is a lot cheaper because of the taxfree prices! I can just say I’m now a proud owner of a beautiful PANDORA bracelet (hihi).

As this vacation has come to an end, so has this blogpost, and I have got just the same sore feeling: I just don’t want this to end! But, all good things come to an end so… If there’s anything you’d like to know or that you want me to write about in one of my following blogposts, just let me know in the comment box below! Hasta la próxima!

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