Outfit: Pink pink pink

Hello sweet readers and a Happy Fathers’ day to all the daddies! Another lazy Sunday, yay (oh the irony)! It was not a nice weekend for me this time, as I had to say goodbye to my dog Romy. I was the one who got her out of the animal shelter, and she was my hairy companion through my childhood. However, I had a fun outfit post planned for you guys, and looking through the photos cheered me up immediately. Check it out:


In the pictures, I’m wearing a white and pink striped blouse from Primark. I combined it with a skirt that I inherited from my mother. It’s wonderful because you can choose yourself how much you reveal of your legs. You can button it up all the way, but also- like I did here- only button up half of the skirt. Underneath it, I wear my baby-pink pumps from Zara. To finish the look I opted for white and gold details: I got the necklace and earrings from Primark, the bracelets are from the My Jewellery stand in the Urban Pop-up shop, on which I wrote an article last week. My watch is from the Danish brand Skägen, a sister-brand of Michael Kors. The red bag I added to create some contrast is also from Primark.


This outfit is great for a dinner with friends or family, but if you replace the pumps with some sneakers, you can easily walk around with it all day. Like you can see on the pictures, I myself can’t stand wearing heels for a long time. The burning feeling I get after a while just gets to much. So, most of the time you will spot me with a more comfortable pair of shoes in my bag. The day of the shooting it was beautiful outside, and around 20 degrees Celsius, so it’s just perfect to wear at this time of the year, when it’s not summer yet but the temperatures are already rising. If it starts to rain (which is in Belgium often the case) you can simply add a trench coat, and your outfit is totally rainproof!


What do you think about my outfit? When would you wear this?

Copyright of the pictures: Phebe Storms


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