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Hello everyone! Today I have both good and bad news to bring to the table. First of all I am so excited to tell you that I completed my first exam successfully  woo-hoo! A good start is half the battle they say! Secondly, the bad news: Urban is closing its doors in a only a month’s time… THE moment for me to tell you why you should hop in your car and pay this great pop-up shop a visit.

urban pop up

Urban Pop-up shop is organised by All IncLoes and Popstart, and designed by Eco collectief. It gives new (mostly Belgian) brands an opportunity to sell their products in a beautiful premise in Leuven’s city centre. The combination of clothes, interior, accessories and so much more makes it almost a treasure hunt. And trust me, you definitely will take some treasures home with you (just make sure you leave something for other visitors too, don’t be too greedy). I like this initiative so much because it gives people something to new to discover and for some brands it can mean the beginning of launching their own shop. Let me show you my favourites:

They describe themselves as: “a new witty life style brand. We serve you irresistible irony, sexy sweaters & courageous cactuses.”

What is not to like about this Belgian brand? The ironic puns on their clothing is so me, I adore their designs. The cap I bought is of really good quality, and already caused a lot of turning heads on the street! I’d definitely would like to add one of their beautiful t-shirts or sweaters to my wardrobe. Which one is your favourite?

This brand doesn’t have much t-shirts for woman in their collection, which is a regret because I really enjoy wearing my “Less Monday, More Summer” tee. Every piece of clothing is handcrafted, and made using high quality materials. It’s also ethically made, which means that there was no child labour or environment harm involved in the production. I am fan, and you?


I got to know this brand somewhat earlier, thanks to a pop-up in my own hometown, Sint-Truiden. I absolutely love the witty sayings on the cards, which are available for every single occasion. Friends and family who received my Christmas cards will definitely recognize Boeckie. Boeckie also creates personalized cards, invitations, birth cards,… Let him know what you want and he’ll make it work! The notebooks are cute and fun. And are you looking for that original gift for a babyshower? Who would like this sweet baby box?

This Dutch shop has everything: Jewelry (as you’d expect) but also clothing, shoes,.. Everything for the perfect look from head to toe! The bracelets I bought were only 5 euros and are still very beautiful! Most of those bracelets are from the brand Biba.

The last brand I’ll be telling you about is Something Smooth. They design the most beautiful handcrafted sunglasses (with personalized case) and phone covers (also personalized!). The Belgian brand is winner of both the “Hyundai Brilliant Young Entrepreneur Award” and the “Start-it@KBC” competition 2014 for good reason. They’d like to “break through everyday perceptions and place sustainability, ecology and unique design on top”. What an amazing story, don’t you think? And even more amazing products:

Do I have to give more reasons to pay a visit to Urban? Only one month left and so much to discover, so hurry!

Idea: Why not make it a shopping trip and visit Cyaankali as well? It’s just across the street! For more info on Cyaankali, take a look at my post:  Cyaankali 4… ever!


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