London calling! Part 3

Hello everyone! Hopefully you have enjoyed a lovely lazy Sunday. In my case however, it was a rainy day with nothing to do but study. The only bright spot was making another blogpost for you! This will be my last blogpost on my trip to London, as I have only one day left to take you guys through. Are you excited as I am? Follow me in my journey!


The first thing on my mind every morning is breakfast. I think it’s my favourite meal of the day and I like to try out new things. If you need some breakfast- inspiration, go and check out the blogpost I wrote about my favourite plates here. In London, boosting your energy level is more than necessary if you want to be able to cross around all day. My solution: a breakfast of champions! Once again (for more breakfast fun, check out Part 2 of my London journey), we went to Roots and Bulbs, and this time I didn’t hold myself back. I took the most delicious dish called London Eggs, and to take in some extra vitamines I also ordered the fresh pressed orange juice. Tell me yourself, doesn’t this look like yummy in your tummy? I can tell you, it definitely was!

After this lovely meal I felt I had eaten like a real English(wo)man, and I was ready to face the day. We went straight to the Tate Britain this time, to check out all the older artworks of British origine. I especially adored the works of Francis Bacon and the Turner collection. Definitely a must-do when you visit London and if you enjoy art. However, I do not recommend taking to many museums on your plate, as I tend to do. After a while, some of the most amazing art work because “just another portrait” and you no longer see the full beauty of it. That said however, it’s so difficult to hold back as all those amazing museums are free of any charge!

When we came out of the museum we were regretting the fact that it was already our last day in London and we wanted to do something super touristy. What better than taking the typical red bus to our next stop: St. James Park. We were even able to sit in the best possible seats in the front whoo-hoo! We arrived in Westminister, from where we had to walk to the lovely park. This was a nice change from the museum, with all the green and the animals, and in the distance Buckingham Palace. While walking through the park we ran into multiple squirrels and they looked so cute and fluffy! ❤

Last thing on our London bucket list was Covent garden, where we went looking for some good Indian food. A local guided us to a nice Indian restaurant where the food was delicious. (I had to review my opinion however, since later that day I never felt more sick, which was probably the fault of that “delicious” fish I ate earlier.) After we stuffed our bellies we went back to the hotel (if you want to know where I stayed, read part 1) to get our luggage to leave for Brussels again. Nevertheless, with London still on my mind. I could only think about all the things I’d like to do next time, and about my wonderful boyfriend, whom I missed and who was waiting for me at home ❤

What do you think of my last day in London? Have you got any tips for my next visit, let me know!

2 gedachtes over “London calling! Part 3

  1. thedutchessoflondon zegt:

    I don’t know if you’ve been there yet, but Shoreditch in East London is also a really nice area with amazing food! And if you really enjoy indian food, I heard that around Bricklane are the best ones (Indian is not really my forte, but still have to try lots!).
    Good to hear you enjoyed it!


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