Cyaankali 4… ever!

Hello sweeties! This week I decided to post an extra blogpost to double the fun (and because I needed a break from my books)! And yes, you caught me, also because I couldn’t save you from this amazing shop any longer! Cyaankali exists 4 years, so let’s celebrate!


So, first of all, what kind of shop is Cyaankali? Well, it definitely has to do something with it’s poisonous name in the sense that it leaves me broke every time I pass by this wonderful second hand designer store. The combination of the greatest pieces time after time and its sweet and kind owner Elke ensures that I never come home empty handed. It’s just ideal for students like me, who love fashion and want to build up a more sustainable wardrobe but also don’t have the budget to buy the newest designer pieces every season. Recognize yourself? Don’t hesitate to bring Cyaankali a visit. Also Belmodo found this lovely shop in Leuven, and incorporated it in their new app, as one of the fashion hotspots of Leuven.

Like I said previously, Cyaankali turned 4 this year  (and if for me, it stayed 4 ever!). And they celebrated this with a fantastic giveaway of a pink Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, who wouldn’t be excited? I was even more excited when I won the beautiful piece! Woo-hoo! Lucky me! Since then, this has become one of my favourite bags: it’s a real statement accessory, it’s huge so I can get everything in it (yes! More space for spare shoes, my make-up stash, etc.), and it’s waterproof! It wouldn’t seem like it on the photo’s maybe, but it’s made out of the same kind of material that they make raincoats with, so it’s perfectly rainproof! Comes in handy in a country like Belgium, where one moment the sun can be shining bright and the next it may be raining cats and dogs! Furthermore it is, despite what you might think because of the colour, easy to combine with my outfits. Keep the outfit simple and let the bag just work it’s magic!

bewerkt 4bewerkt 3bewerkt 2

Make sure you pay Cyaankali a visit, since they have more of these lovely items in store and let me know what you think of the bag in the comments below!

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