London Calling! Part 2

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good week! Personally, I went through quiet a hectic week, struggling to finish all my school assignments in time! But hey, after a rough couple of days I can take it a little bit easier now (at least, until the exams!) and enjoy writing this new blog post on my second day in the beautiful London. Ready, set? Go!

The second day was, as the first, quiet hectic! After a not so good night sleep (one of our new roommates decided to get up at 6am and take approximately 2 hours to get herself ready, oh the joy), we went off to this superb little place where they served delicious meals in the city centre of South Kensington called: Roots and Bulbs. When you’re in the neighborhood, go and check them out! We enjoyed breakfast there and decided what our next move was going to be.

That next move was going to be the Tate Modern. And after strolling down the South bank of the Thames in the pouring rain (it’s stays London after all, and it didn’t stop us from going out bare legged) and the obligatory selfies with the Big Ben and the London Eye, we arrived at this amazing museum. For me, this was the museum I enjoyed the most during my (too) short stay in London. The collection was breath- taking. Some famous art work like that of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein was beautiful to see in real life, but I also discovered to me unknown pieces of for example Lorna Simpson and Andrea Bowers which were absolutely stunning. Some of you might opt for a nice shopping day instead, but I always liked visiting art museums (not that I am not a huge shopaholic myself). Partly this might have to do with my upbringing: both my mother and her partner are artists. If you’d like to check out their amazing artwork just click on the link that will bring you to their sites.

After spending several hours straying in the museum, we went to the biggest M&M- store I ever saw. I looked my eyes out as we past the four (FOUR!) flours full of colourful sweetness. You can even personalize your own M&M’s! Following this, a lot needed to happen to top this. And well, it got topped! That night, on the avant- premier of “Alice through the looking glass” on Leicester square WE SAW JOHNNY DEPP AND TIM BURTON! Some of my classmates even got closer and spotted even more of the rich and famous: Isla Fisher, Sasha Baron Cohen,…

Full of adrenaline and joy of being so close to people who seemed to live in a different universe than you, we pursued our trip to the Arts Theatre for “All that Fall”, a play written by Samuel Beckett. First we calmed down a little bit in the cafe that was next to the theatre with the tastiest cocktails I ever had. Also the delicious red velvet cake is a real recommendation. The play itself was good. The actors played really well, to bad you weren’t able to see them as it was a blindfolded play! This was a new experience for me, and I found it very strange not being able to observe everything. However, it was very funny and I enjoyed it. One must open up to new things in life! Cheers!



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