London Calling! Part 1

Hello my lovely readers! I know it has been a while since I posted a new blogpost. However, I have a good reason for it: I went to LONDON! I went together with a few of my classmates and my English Proficiency teacher, as it was a school trip.  It was very exciting for me, because it was my first time! We went for three days, but in this blogpost I will focus on my very first day in London and the impressions I had. Now, let me take you to the amazing city of London!


After taking the Eurostar, we arrived in the St. Pancras station in London at 10am. The trip was very comfortable and so quick! For me, since I live near the Dutch border, my trip to London went faster than going to the Belgian coastline. Also an advantage was the hour difference, so that we had more time to visit all the wonderful sights. When we arrived we immediately wanted to visit the Harry Potter shop in the King’s Cross station, which is located right next to St. Pancras. The most of us are huge Harry Potter fans so we could look our eyes out in the beautiful shop, filled with fluffy (fake!) snow owls and wands.

After this we went to drop off our luggage in the storage room of our Hotel. The Hotel was more of a hostel and was called Meininger Hotel. It was very clean and had a beautiful design on the inside. The bathroom was wonderful and the neighborhood was lovely. The hotel was across the street from the National Science Museum in South Kensington, and Hyde Park is just around the corner.  The only thing that I found somewhat disturbing is the fact that we had to sleep together with three other people that we didn’t know. Especially because I couldn’t leave my stuff unguarded and some people got up really early (like who gets up at 6 am on holiday?!). Also, breakfast wasn’t included. However, for 7 pounds extra, you could sit down at the breakfast buffet in the hotel. If I was to go to London again, I would consider going back but I would go for a smaller room, which were also available.

Next on our trip, was the National History Museum. Once inside, the beautiful museum was almost like a labyrinth. There didn’t seem to come and end to the collection. So many original pieces are to be find here, when visiting London this is a must-see! However, put on some good sneakers because you could easily stay a whole day. The most amazing thing about most of the museums in London is that they are free, and so is this one, can it get any better?!

After refreshing ourselves in our hotel, we went to see the musical Wicked. This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had I think. We payed 18 pounds and totally worth every single penny! Wow! I can’t even find the right words for it. The best I can say is that you should go and see it yourselves. The complete performance was magical: the choreography, the decor and the lights, the music,… It fulfilled my wildest expectations and I even dreamed about “defying gravity”. It was the perfect end to my perfect first day in London! More up in my next blog posts!

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