Décadence De Luxe’s street fashion show

Hi lovely readers! Today was a typical ‘Sunday Funday’ to me! The sun came out again (after this awful non-stop raining week) and on my schedule was something I was looking forward for some time now: the street fashion show from Décadence De Luxe. I will take you through the fashion show and display my personal favourites from the Spring/ Summer collection.


Lovely invitations don’t you think?

When I was walking towards the event, I was pleasantly surprised. The music blasting through the boxes, the drink stands, the photo booth, the professional looking catwalk, the complete setting fitted as a whole. When you had registered online, you also could pick up a goodiebag with a value of 30 euros. Too bad the goodiebags were exhausted in no time, and I wasn’t able to get my hands on one. 😦


Going to the beach? You’ll be totally up to date with this bag for sure!

But then there was the show, and forgotten were all my worries. My first front row experience was a total success! The collection was in one word: AMAZING! Décadence De Luxe is always very on top of trends, and they proved this once again. All my favourite trends for the summer were definitely present: the all white look, the sequin details, off the shoulder blouses,… Let’s say I was quite impressed. The DLL angels, as they call the girls chosen for the fashion show, did a great job. Sometimes still a little bit clumsy, as not all the girls were experienced with modelling, but this made it also real and spontaneous. What I also liked a lot was that the show was divided into different themes. The ones I adored were the “We are going to Ibiza” theme and the Blue outfits! The accessorizes in the “All white” theme were also very beautiful: the sunglasses and pearl shoes.. Just WOW! Furthermore there was a part of the show contributed to the army theme, which started off with “Make love, not war”. Since the recent happenings in our country and all over the world, especially in Syria, I thought this was a wonderful stand to take. Then, I loved the “Jogging in glamour” theme too, because well yeah, everyone has those lazy days in which you rather stay in all day and watch T.V. or read a good book. You might as well do this with style! Take a look, and decide for yourself: Which are your favourites?

Deze slideshow vereist JavaScript.

Today it was so busy in the shop, and I my size was already sold out, but I think it’s safe to say that I will be back! With a lot of shopping fund hihi! 😉 And of course, I will show you all my purchases in a new blogpost! Enjoy your week everyone! ❤


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