O so “Lovely” nails!

Hello my dear readers! So sorry that it’s again a later post this week, but my school schedule was quite hectic this week. But with this post, I’ll definitely make it up to you! Because you’ll get to know how my nails always look so beautiful manicured!


So happy with my beautiful nails by Lovelynailsz! ❤

Meet my gorgeous friend Lovely, who always makes sure my nails are perfect. Although she has started only recently with Lovelynailsz, I love the way she does my nails. She is just a natural! Of course, every time she comes in, it’s not just my monthly mani-time. The most fun is the catching up, laughing and acting silly.

In the pictures I’ll show you my latest manicures. What I love about Lovely is that she always knows which style fits me best. She lets me choose from all the gorgeous colours she brings with her and than gives some advice on how to create a more special look. This separates my nails from the more normal, ordinary appearances.  I love it! After all, why pick out something mundane, add something extraordinary! You only live once ;)!

For my previous manicure I chose a very neutral nude colour and Lovely added a special touch, called cateye, to my ring finger. This upgrades the whole look!

This time I went a completely different way and chose for a blue colour that pops out immediately, and two white nails with some, what seems to me, mermaid dust on it! Let me know what you think about the looks and be sure to check out Lovelynailsz on instagram!

Nails blue with white sparkles

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