Outfit: I’ve got the blues

Yesterday I went shooting with the lovely Phebe. We were so lucky that the sun was shining (and this in rainy Belgium!) and the always beautiful herb garden in Leuven was perfect to shoot some spring outfits. I’m so excited to show you the first one: ‘I’ve got the blues’.


Like you can see on the pictures, I chose for a completely blue outfit and added some gold details. I combined my blue striped culottes- my legs finally get to see some sunlight after those dark winter months! – from Uniqlo (read more about this Japanese brand in my blogpost on the Uniqlo X Belmodo styling night) with a denim peplum top from Zara and a jacket with a geographic print from Grace and Mila. With this I wore my comfy white sneakers from H&M. They have a bit of a platform so that it almost seems if I am walking on air when I wear them!

Because I think it’s a little bit too cold to wear only a top this time a year, I added a white heattech long sleeve T-shirt, which is also from Uniqlo. To me, the heattech collection is the best thing ever invented! I’m always cold -my ideal temperature lays around 25 degrees Celsius- I’m not kidding- and this helps me staying warm. I’ve received this tip from no one but the great fashionista Tiany Kiriloff. On the Uniqlo X Belmodo styling night, she shared with me that this is how she stays warm during the fashion weeks. I decided to give it a try, and I can conclude that everyone should buy this immediately!

For the details, I chose my elegant Skägen watch, my favourite pearl necklace and earrings from Primark. Because the necklace is so heavy looking, I kept the rest of my jewelry quiet simple. However, my golden and white bracelets from Biba could not miss to glam up this outfit!

Also in my make-up I kept it natural. My daily products: a foundation from Maybelline and the vintage pink blush prisma from Givenchy (my absolute favourite!). Underneath it all: Lidl’s day cream Aqua, for an amazing hydrated skin. To add a little bit of edge, I rocked the winged eye-liner. Very easy- who am I kidding, even after years of practice it takes me a lot of concentration and cotton swabs- to apply is the liquid eyeliner from Hema. I use a black one, because it fits my dark brown eyes. If you want to soften the look a bit you can also use a brown one.

To me, this outfit is perfect for a stroll down the park, to go out shopping or even for a nice dinner with family and friends. If you wanna keep it more casual you can lose the jacket, if you want to spice it up: add your favourite pumps to the outfit. Endless choices! Tell me what you think in the comment section below and if it was a useful inspiration for you!


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