It’s a Lush Life: GIVEAWAY!

You’re in for a treat this week all you gorgeous people! Two flies in one hit: another blogpost this week AND it’s a giveaway! Whoo-hoo!

Have you heard of the amazing brand Lush already? In this blogpost I’ll be introducing it to you and you’ll be able to win the amazing Lush gift box ‘Hello Gorgeous‘ that we chose for all you gorgeous people out there! For this giveaway I’ve teamed up with two other wonderful Belgian bloggers: Elien from Little Louvain and Ellen Depeyper from Fashelle by Ellen. Bloggers must stick together and bundle their forces. Be sure to check out their pages!


Lush is a wonderful beauty brand with roots in Great- Britain. Whatever beauty article you’re searching for, they have everything: from sun protection to perfumes. The best thing about their products however: they’re all animal proof free, handmade and everything is fresh! When entering their shops, be ready for an explosion of delicious smells.

Now, after all this chit-chat (building up the tension this is called :-p), I’ll reveal to you the content of the amazing ‘Hello Gorgeous’ beauty box. No less than 5 products are in the packet! Perfect way to discover the brand if you’re new to the Lush experience.

  • Rub Rub Rub (130 g) is a delicious refreshing blue shower scrub which consists of sea salt mixed with citron and mimosa flower. It makes your skin wonderfully soft and o-so-fresh! You gently rub into your skin and discover that your skin is as good as new afterwards. The sea salt cleans deeply and contains a lot of minerals, which makes your skin glow again. Extra advantage: the scrub granules solve in water, so that your shower drain doesn’t get blocked!

Rub rub rub lush scrub

  • The Comforter is  a bubble bar with a nice soothing smell of black berries. You break off a piece and crush it underneath running water, sit back and relax! You can at least enjoy four comforting baths.

TheComforter bubble bar lush

  • Sex Bomb bath bomb has a seductive smell. The jasmin and ylang ylang oils in it have been used as lush generators for centuries. Do you want to seduce your lover? With this bath bomb: success guaranteed!

SexBomb bath bomb lush

  • Love & Light hand creme (55g) with orange oil and Fair Trade biologic cacao butter, makes your hands softer than baby’s bottom!

Love_light hand creme lush

  • Gorgeous (10g) is an amazing moisturizer with the best ingredients for a gorgeous human being like you! Light, luxurious and phenomenal!

gorgeous moisturiser lush

So, to all you gorgeous people out there: what to do?

The contest lasts until the 30th of April and on the 1st of May we will announce the winner. To enter the amazing the amazing Lush GIVEAWAY click on the link underneath and follow the steps:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thumbs up and you may be our lucky winner!

7 gedachtes over “It’s a Lush Life: GIVEAWAY!

  1. Shannon Paige zegt:

    I’m obsessed with lush. Been using the jungle conditioner and this shampoo I love [forget the name] and I loveee thei popcorn lip scrub and I use one of their deodorants every day! How do I enter the giveaway? =o


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