Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day!

It’s Easter Monday and we’re all suffering from a chocolate indigestion from all the eggs we wolfed down yesterday. What seemed like a good -and delicious- idea yesterday, now results in regrets (and an aching stomach). You just can’t say no when your grandmother shoves you another portion down your throat. After all, it’s only one time a year Easter no? Today some of you might have another series of family visits and delicious courses on your plate. Therefore, it’s important to start off the day with a good and healthy breakfast. Because: “Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day!”

eat glitter for breakfast

You might think that skipping breakfast is a good a idea from time to time. Surely on days like these, when you know you’re going to eat a lot during the rest of the day. However, the English saying: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” expresses it all. It’s very important to have a decent breakfast, namely because it sets off your metabolism. Because of that your body will burn more calories. Time for a firm meal I’d say! I understand though that some of you might still skip breakfast for you are just not hungry in the morning. In this blogpost I’ll try to take this into account and combine nutritious and light meals.

Most of the days, my day starts with oatmeal. I take 40 gr. of Quaker‘ s plain oatmeal and mix it with Alpro’s Almond Coconut milk. It’s hard to dose the milk, but I always pour in the milk until my oatmeal is completely covered with milk. Put it in the microwave on 800 watt for two minutes and you are done! Combine it with fruit and/or nuts and seeds to your own taste. You can even add a little bit of dark chocolate hmm! As you can see in the photograph, I like raspberries the most. This recipe is easy and quick, especially when you’re hurried in the morning. If you like to try out more healthy recipes with oatmeal be sure to check Quaker’s site!


Other days I like to switch to granola. I’d take about 40 gr. of granola (I like the one which you can find at the Albert Heijn and which is mixed with berries) and mix it with Greek yoghurt (0% fat, also from Albert Heijn). This I combine with fruit, mostly a tropical mix of mango, pieces of coconut etc. which you can also find at Albert Heijn in the fresh fruit department. You can also make it yourself of course, or choose another piece of fruit you like most. This dish too is very easy to make. I prefer this over something that takes more time because I don’t want to waste time as I already need a lot of time picking out my outfit and put on my make-up.


These last two dishes are sweet, because I’m more of a sweet tooth. However, some days I long for something more savoury. I like to eat my sandwich with guacamole, smoked salmon and egg. How to make guacamole? Take the flesh of the avocado, mix it with a bit of lemon juice and spice it up with pepper and salt. Doesn’t it look delicious?


In the morning I always drink a cup of chamomile tea, often with a few slices of lemon. I’m a big fan of Pit&Pit, a Belgian webshop where you can find not only lots of different kinds of tea, but also spices and honey etc. Discover it yourself and tell me what you think in the comment section below!

What an amazing start off the day, huh? These dishes are all so delicious and healthy so that you have an wonderful start of the day: “A good start is half the battle”! There are so many variations on all of these recipes, so you can try and add different flavours. Let me know how it turned out! You are certainly ready for more of those yummy Easter dinners today!


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