Ready for spring?

Today is the first day of spring whoo-hoo! Are you guys as excited as I am? Oh, how I love those first rays of sun shining through the rainy Belgian clouds!  I may be born in the middle of the winter, but I can’t stand the cold (like my boyfriend may confirm when I press my lumps of ice aka feet against him in the middle of the night). Besides, I get tired from wearing all those layers – otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll freeze to death- and long for short dresses, bikini’s and sunglasses. But, are you ready for spring? I’ll show you the items that according to me, are essential in your spring wardrobe.


  • Classic Trench coat

If you ask me, this is a must have item. Everybody needs a nice trench coat to finish off their spring outfit. It’s the perfect in-between jacket I think. Pleasant to wear when the sun is out because of its lightness, but it also forms a perfect combo with a nice umbrella on a rainy day in March, and can keep you warm when defying windy mornings in April. It also immediately upgrades your look to that level of chic that you are looking for, but when untied and hanging loose can still give that “nonchalent” edge which gives the impression that you haven’t put hours in searching the perfect outfit (haha, don’t make me laugh). As not everybody can afford a Burberry trench coat (yes, I am aware that they are gorgeous), here are some affordable alternatives:

  • Off- shoulder top

This trend from the sixties and seventies – thank god for Brigitte Bardot- has been back for a couple of seasons now. Designers just can’t seem to get enough of it and I share their opinion. With this top you can go wherever you want. Do you like to go completely boho or rock chic, everything is possible! I like to keep it a little in the middle or boho-chic, as the fashionguru’s like to call it:

  • Suede

One of my favourite trends ever! This trend is also very “in” since last year, so if you already own a suede masterpiece which you bought in autumn, you can still rock it (money saved for another wonderful item hihi)! For the newbies in this area: It doesn’t matter if you buy a suede coat, a suede dress or if you prefer a suede skirt -I’d buy them all if I were you, ok sorry that’s not helping you to buy consciously- you just can’t go wrong with this one! There are so many different colours of suede, so you are definitely able to combine it with almost every piece in your wardrobe. Here you can see the item that is on my to-buy list:

Mango Suède jacket 109,99

Mango Suede coat 109,99 euros

  • Bomber jack

Also the 90’s are present people! (Nineties babies put your hands in the air!) The bomber is totally back! In every colour and fabric they once again prosper in every fashionlover’s wardrobe. Warning: not for pussies! Show ‘em your balls girls!

  • Culottes

I have the feeling that we get to see a lot of last year’s trends back this spring. And just like with the other ones, I’ve got no problem with leaving the culottes hanging in my drawers! This may be a piece of clothing that you’d like to walk past in the shop because you’re convinced it only works for models who are two meters high and wear a size zero. Think again dears! Once you try it on, you’ll be completely in love with it, just like it happened to me. Again, you have many options with this garment: denim, cotton, whatever! You can choose the fabric that you prefer. Let’s discover some options:

  • Platform shoes

About this trend, I still don’t know if I’m their biggest fan ever (yay, I suddenly am 10 cm’s bigger) or I can’t stand them at all (boo, my feet look as big as rescue boats). Decide yourself and let me know what you think:

Side note: as you may have noticed the shoes I picked are a little bit more pricey than the the rest of the items. According to me, it’s very important to invest in good shoes, who may be a little bit more expensive. You must not forget that you’ll need your feet to walk on for a several more years!

  • Buy PINK!

Pink is everywhere! Whether you think pink and help battling brest cancer, or you just love the PINK collection of Victoria’s Secret. It also was a huge trend on all the fashion weeks this year. However, according to me you can never go wrong with a little -or much in my case- pink hanging in your closet (oh yeah, pink is my favourite colour, were you aware?). I’ll show you my front-runner items:

Liked some of the items? Be sure to check the sites of New Look, Zalando, Asos, Topshop, H&M, Mango and Totokaelo for more lovely spring items! After this blogpost, you’ll definitely know what to look for!

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