Uniqlo X Belmodo styling shopping night

On Tuesday 03/08 I suddenly got a call from Belmodo, a Belgian production company with a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. To my biggest surprise – I almost never win something in my life- they said that I won an invitation to the Uniqlo X Belmodo styling shopping night in Antwerp! Whoo-hoo, I was super excited! Famous bloggers and influencers Jon the Gold and Tiany Kiriloff would be the guests of honor and stylists of service.

Now, let me first introduce the brand Uniqlo to you. Uniqlo is Japanese brand with very casual designs. I guess you didn’t hear of it before? Well this is probably because Uniqlo is fairly new in Belgium. It opened it’s first store in October 2015. However, they are working on becoming more popular around here, by opening a new store in Wijnegem Shopping Centre in two weeks time! Be sure to check the site for more information.

Secondly, something more about the brand itself. Uniqlo offers good quality products for very reasonable prices, so that even broke fashionista’s can afford a couple of the basic items. Its simple designs are attractive to both young and old and speak to every clothing style. What I also find terrific about the brand are its latest collaborations with the French brand Lemaire and fashion icon Carine Roitfeld. Here, I show you my favorite pieces of the new collection.

Back to my unique experience as a Belmodo winner:

Two days later, on Thursday, I left for Antwerp together with one of my best friends Sofie (yes, I only become friends with people who carry the same name). Excited as we were, we left a couple hours early and strolled down the Meir. Because, after all, who can leave Antwerp city without shopping??

After visiting a couple of stores and filling our bellies with a delicious pasta we ate at the Groenplaats, it was finally time for the big event! When entering the uniqlo store we immediately got a glass of prosecco -that’s what I call service!- and got the opportunity to buy our favorite pieces with a 20 % discount while enjoying some fancy partysnacks. This was the first time I was so spoiled during shopping. Totally upgrades the whole experience, you can say that! The outfit that I put together consist of a basic maritime sweater à la Parisienne and a beautiful striped pair of culottes. To finish off the look, I wore my own necklace from Primark and new white H&M sneakers. The combination of the sneakers makes the outfit casual, perfect to go to school or any everyday activity. However, if you like to spice it up a little bit, you can switch to a powerful pair of pumps. Totally dateproof I’d say!

But the best is yet to come: my encounter with Jon the Gold and Tiany Kiriloff. Both were very welcoming and generous with styling tips. As a beginning blogger, it was amazing to get some advice from people with that much experience!

At last, Belmodo didn’t send us home empty handed. For each of the guests got a goodiebag with two great basic pieces (about which a new blogpost is coming up) in it!

Want to discover the new collection of Uniqlo yourself? Check out their website or visite the store yourself and be amazed by the rainbow -yes, behind that rainbow you find a little pot of gold (or more clothes, that’s kind of the same) – stairs! You can also enter a new Belmodo competition to win an outfit from the Uniqlo X Carine Roitfeld collection. WHOO-HOO!

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  1. Lotte zegt:

    How nice that I’m not the only one who likes Uniqlo anymore 😀 My father works for a Japanese company, so if he’s in Japan he always buys me something from Uniqlo while Whatsapping me, to get my approval of course! Hihi 😉

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