Outfit: It’s all about the details – Disenyo jewelry

After a month of not posting regularly, I’m back! I needed to focus on school for some time. Monday I finished my last exam (which luckily went well) and now I have a moment to breath. However, some of you are still struggling with that study material and although it might not been the first thing on your mind… What do you wear to your exam? Read on if you’d like some inspiration:


When you are already under a lot of stress, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how to look proper for an exam. (Certainly, if your outfit of the day has been pyjama’s for the entire study period, like me.) On the VUB however, we have quite a lot of oral exams and although it is not extremely formal, I like to look somewhat smart for this occasion. I admit, it is quite difficult to look sophisticated but at the same time you don’t want your teacher/ professor to think that you had nothing better to do than to think about your look all day. A way to pimp up a fairly plain outfit, is therefore to add some pretty yet classy jewelry.

Disenyo, a jewelry brand I discovered recently, has been my perfect partner in crime. I kindly was offered to pick out a few pieces to accentuate my outfit. Disenyo is a Dutch brand that immediately stood out to me. They do not sell your most typical jewelry, but create honest products in cooperation with craftsmen from South- East Asia. Each product is handmade from eco products such as wood and pearl and therefore unique in its kind!  The local people who make the jewelry get payed fair wages are treated like trading partners. For me, all of these factors play an important role when choosing for a brand!

But of course, what is equally significant is wether it’s beautiful! I truly had difficulty choosing from all these wonderful products! I opted for a set of gorgeous pearl earrings and a matching bracelet, which I know I was going to get much wear out of. They are really the kind of basic pieces which I like in jewelry: they don’t pull away all the attention of your outfit but nicely complement your look. I got a lot of compliments already on this set, since they have such a nice classy look to them! The third piece I picked out was a pendant necklace with a pink pearl medallion and gold metal detailing. It’s a simple yet eye-catching piece of jewelry, which upgrades your look immediately. Even if you are wearing only a plain t-shirt like I did here, this necklace makes it look like you spend some time thinking about your outfit. I prefer the gold look over silver these days, but on the website you can almost pick every colour of pearl with both gold and silver detailing! Also, this necklace can be easily combined with other necklaces so that you can create that layering trend. With this outfit, I chose not to do this, since I wanted to put attention to this necklace. However, you can easily add some little gold necklaces if that is the look you are going for, especially as this is an adjustable necklace and can be worn shorter or longer.



  • Baret: Vintage, bought at Rumors Vintage
  • Checked blazer: H&M
  • White t-shirt with fringed collar: Primark
  • Red studded MARVEL bag: Détail
  • Jeans with stars: H&M
  • Taupe coloured boots with block heel: Tamaris, bought at La Bottega

I hope you were inspired by this post and I wish you all good luck with the rest of your exams!

P.S. If you recreated this look, or ordered some jewelry from Disenyo, let me know, I’d really like to see your exam look!


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