Back to school: Stationery must-haves

For a lot a people tomorrow is the beginning of a new school year. Even though, I’m not a part of that group this year, I have always been in love with the “Back- to- school period”. I’m literally obsessed with stationery and all the things you could possibly need when school starts. Even if you don’t like school, beautiful stationery makes everything better. So, I went to Hema (where else could you find the cutest school must-haves at low prices?) and bought (again) more than a class full of students would need for a whole semester.


The one thing that you can’t live without when you’re starting a new year is an agenda. I picked out this beautiful compact one, which has extra plastic pages where you can put in photos or anything else you like! I really like it because you can completely personalize it and put in photos of you and your friends and/or boyfriend etc. It’s also not to big, so you can put it in your handbag, or the front pocket of your school bag, so it’s easy to reach.


My by far favourite object is the desk planner. It’s so easy to fill in every task that you have to do for the whole week, and it has extra space for your  to-do’s and other notes. So handy for people like me, who always forget to do something, or tend to postpone a lot (queen of procrastination right here!).

In school, or when you’re working in your office at home, there are two things you always need: a pen and paper. So when this comes in cute packaging like this, it’s even more wonderful… The highlighters I find very handy, since they are the size of a normal pen and they don’t take to much place in your pen case. Speaking of which, don’t you love this one? You can also use this as a beauty case, to put in any make-up you might need during the day.


To look all bright and shining and make that good first impression that you were aiming for, you can use this self-heating face mask. I went for the “Fresh Mystery” with grapefruit and kiwi because it sounded so yummy and it removes dirt and grime from your face. Afterwards, your skin will feel fresh and glowing and you will be totally ready for tomorrow! To help you fully relax (a first school day can be quite stressful, I know), you can also use one (or all three if you like to go full on) of these deliciously smelling foaming shower gels.


Do you feel ready to face another school year? Let me know what your Back- to- school must-haves are in the comments!





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