Life: How to survive a break-up

The title of this blog makes it look so easy, and I really wish it was. That you could schedule it on your planning, like with some kind of DIY: this weekend I’d wish to try out the “how to make your own bedside table” and if I have some time left maybe the “how to survive a break-up”. This blogpost will be a very personal one, in which I tell you about my own experiences after my break-up. Don’t expect any ‘tips and tricks’ or anything like that on how to overcome a break-up, because you simply don’t. Not really. But more about that further on.



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PKP 2016

I would never have thought I’d be going to a festival this summer, until last week my boyfriend surprised me with two free tickets to Pukkelpop! Pukkelpop is a Belgian music festival, which lasts 4 days and is held in Kiewit, which is not so far off from where we live. The Line-up was great, but after all, our list of must-sees was pretty quickly made. Curious about who we went to see? Keep on reading…



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