Beauty: My Current Hair routine with Nivea Micellar Shampoo

Since I cut my hair short, I’ve been experimenting more with it. I had to find different hair products, since I always used very nourishing and repairing products for my long hair which weighed my shorter hair down a lot. I also have been using more of my straightening iron. Whereas before, I mostly took my hair as it came (it is naturally wavy) because I found it a long process to straighten or curl my long hair and I didn’t consider it worth a half hour or more less sleep. In this blogpost I’ll show you my latest hair routine:


  1. Washing

Like I previously explained, I used to favour mostly repairing products for my long hair, to keep it healthy and shiny. However, now my hair is shorter I found that these products cause my hair to look rather flat and thin. From then on, I have tried a fair amount of products and now I got the chance to try out the new comforting micellar shampoo in Nivea’s range for sensitive skin. Although I don’t have from a very sensitive skin, I do suffer from a dry scalp now and then, and as a result can experience dandruff sometimes. I have been using the shampoo for approximately four weeks now and I can say I am pleased with the result. I do notice the difference regarding the dandruff and my hair is airy and voluminous. Sometimes however, my hair seems a little bit too poofy! I don’t use other products in combination with the shampoo, on the exception of some heat spray or dry shampoo. My mother tried it out as well and she found that it did weigh her hair down (she has very long and thick hair) but her scalp felt no longer as sensitive and she had fewer dandruff than before. I find the smell very pleasing: flowery but fresh. Also the fact that there are no silicons in this shampoo makes using it more attractive. 

  1. Drying

Most of the time, I don’t blow dry my hair since it is naturally wavy when I let it air dry. Now that I have bangs, I do have to blow dry those to make sure that they don’t curl all weirdly. However, if you want to straighten or curl your hair, you have to make sure that your hair is entirely dry because otherwise, it won’t hold. Before starting, I make sure my hair is protected from the heat by spraying on some heat spray on my towel dry hair. Currently, I am using one by Lee Stafford, called CoCo LoCo and which smells divine! After this step, I’ll start blow drying my hair using a regular hair dryer and a round or flat brush. 

  1. Styling

After making sure my hair is completely dry, I use a straightening iron to style my hair. Whether I want it to be sleek or curly, I found using a straightening iron the easiest way to tame my hair. First of all I’ll quickly go over my bangs to flatten out any weird jumpy locks, and I’ll make sure the hair which frames my face is not to voluminous. Otherwise, my head would look ten times bigger the size it actually is. Then I’ll start curling or straightening my hair, depending on what mood I am in. I always make sure to divide my hair into two sections, an upper part and a lower part. This way, it is easier to cover all of your hair. When you want to curl your hair with the straightening iron, just grab your hair as you would normally do and then flick the iron a quarter turn: meet the perfect curl! Afterwards, I sometimes use a little bit of hair spray or dry shampoo to keep my hair into place. You can then of course add some hair accessories to keep it funky such as a scarf, a diadem, a headband or some cute pins!

I’m so curious after your hair routine! Do you have some all- time favourites? Have you got more hair styling tips for me? Please let me know!

Love, Sofie

Disclaimer: The Nivea Micellar Shampoo was kindly gifted to me by WeLovePure through their newly launched app called Fetch. However, I always review products honestly, based on my personal experience.


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