Beauty: All about Eve Conceptstore

When you are younger, you just want to have as much stuff as you can get with your hard-earned money. As I’m getting older (and wiser), I’m starting to realize that it is important not just to buy a trend product, but to invest in a product with a story. It is much more meaningful to know where your products come from, to know the story behind them, not to say better for the environment. Vegan, cruelty- free, durable,… you call it and ‘All about Eve‘ ticks all the boxes. Want to know more about this brand new Belgian store? Keep on reading…


Leading lady and force behind ‘All about Eve‘ is Eveline Indeherberge: a vegan foodie and blogger which I met at the event of Zizo Home and with whom I immediately felt a connection. She’s so warm and friendly and when she talked with me about her – then upcoming – webshop, she was so passionate that her excitement was contagious. Out of her own experiences of having difficulty finding honest products, she wanted to create a store where all her favourite vegan and natural brands could be found together. Chef Bhumi, a topchef of the vegetarian Indian kitchen, completes the team and makes sure that you won’t get hungry during shopping.

Of course it made sense that I became curious about their products – of which were to me – of unknown brands. Eve was so kind to send over a few of their must-haves to try them out. When opening the package she put together for me, it was like opening a gift: the packaging was very nice and personalized with a sweet card. The products looked all very luxurious, both in and out their packaging.

When unboxing the items, I immediately tried out the Florame Handcream with almond essence, of which my dry hands were very grateful with this weather. The cream smells absolutely amazing: it had like a sweet marzipan scent (and although I don’t like to eat marzipan, I absolutely love the smell of this cream!). It also absorbed very quickly and my hands felt instantly much more soft but without the sticky feeling which you normally get from a hand cream. After a minute, I could already resume my activities.


My package also contained a brown natural mascara from Nuì and a beautiful Laid bare eye palette from Lili Lolo. Both are in my opinion perfect to take with you on a trip, or just to put in your bag to adjust your make-up during the day, since you get a fair amount of product in a smaller size packaging. The palette is nice to use on a daily basis, because it consist of all the neutrals a person can need in eye shadow. Although I do try out make-up looks with more experimental shades sometimes, I do catch myself on using more neutral colours more often. I put the darker brown colours in the arch of my eye, while I use the more shimmery light beige shade on my eyelid and some of the lightest colour on the inner corners of my eye as a highlight. I then went back with the darker colour just under my lower lash line. To finish off this look I used the brown mascara on both my upper and lower lashes, to slightly define them. I actually never used brown mascara before, but it creates a really nice, soft effect while still accentuating your lashes. It also doesn’t dry out your lashes and doesn’t run out during the day. Both the palette and the mascara are ultimately vegan and consist mostly out of biological ingredients.


‘All about Eve’ started as an online adventure, but is opening a physical shop in the Ridderstraat in Hasselt on 3 March. Be sure to be there to discover all about the shop and their lovely owners and get a 10% discount!

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